Chkhaveri (EN)


Chkhaveri is a very special light unfiltered red wine, made with the traditional Georgian method.

Grape Chkhaveri, an old Gurian (Black Sea coast) type of grape.

Year 2020

Origin Kvemo Erketi

Vineyard Menabde Winary Ltd Ozgurgeti Georgia

Harvest Details The grapes are picked by hand.

Production Georgian Kakhetische Qvevri technique. In this traditional technique, the wine ferments and ages in a large earthenware jug, the Qvevri, which is placed entirely underground. The pressed grapes go into the Qvevri with stems, seeds and skins. The fermentation process takes about 2 weeks, during which the wine is stirred manually three times a day. This wine was then aged in the Qvevri for another 10 months. The wine is not filtered.

Flavor Aromas of smoke, red currant and ripe cornelian cherry.

Serve and store the wine at a temperature of 11-13ºC. Avoid direct sunlight.

Alcohol 13.5% vol