About Us

Our story starts when my husband and I leave our native country Georgia and settle in Belgium. We like to tell about our country and would like to introduce everyone to all the things Georgia has to offer. It is a beautiful holiday destination and above all a country of delicious, special wines with an age-old tradition.
When organising vacation trips to Georgia, I noticed that my potential customers were really interested when I told the unique story of Georgian wine. That made me start importing it.

We are now a small group of people and we are very driven to put Georgian wines on the map in the Benelux. We have set up GerorgianQvevriWine for this.
Our aim is to introduce every wine lover to the delicious Georgian wine and this for a fair price. You deserve that as wine lover.
Also our dedicated winegrowers, who practice their craft with heart and soul, deserve this.
But above all, the excellent Georgian wine deserve a good and fair price.