Marani Ruispiri Kisi (EN)


Marani Ruispiri Kisi is a biodynamic, amber colored ampohore wine.

Grape Kisi

Year 2019

Region East Georgia, Kakheti, Telavi district

Vineyard Ruispiri East Georgia, "Iricultge" LTD

Harvest details The grape is picked by hand at night. According to the winegrower, harvesting at night has several positive effects on the wine. Due to the lower temperature at night, the aromas of the grapes are not lost. The absence of UV light ensures that the grapes do not oxidize, so that the taste of the wine is more intense.

Production method Georgian Kakhetische Qvevri technique In this traditional technique, the wine ferments and ages in a large earthenware jar, the Qvevri, which is placed entirely underground. The pressed grapes go into the Qvevri with stems, seeds and skins. The fermentation process takes about 2 weeks, during which the wine is stirred manually three times a day. The wine stays in the Qvevri for 6 months, then another month in another Qvevri, but now without the skins, seeds and twigs. The wine then rests for 4 months in oak barrels. Finally, the wine goes into a Qvevri again until bottling.

Taste Decant this wine and serve at a temperature of ..ºC.

Store In a cool place of 5-20ºC with an average humidity of max. 85%.

Alcohol 12.4% vol