Churi Chinebuli Krakhuna (EN)


Enjoy this delicious wine sitting on a terrace on a warm summer evening.

Grape Krakhuna

Year 2020

Origin Georgia, Zestafoni, Meore Sviri Vineyard Churi Chinebuli

Harvest Details The grape is picked by hand. Production method The Krakhuna is produced in a 'European' way. The fermentation takes an average of two weeks at a temperature of 13 -15°C.

Taste The wine is colored pale yellow, brilliant with a hint of green.It has aromas of blossom such as honeysuckle and white peach, melon, pear, citrus. A little burnt underneath.

Krakhuna is delicious with salads, fish dishes, poultry.

Serve the wine at 10-12 C

Alcohol 12.5%