Sophia (EN)


The Palace of Tchactchavadze is where Georgian wine was first bottled. The palace is located in the Kakheti region.

This was for centuries one of the domains of the Royal Chavchavadze family. The true revival of the estate is linked to the name of Prince Alexander Chavchavadze (1786-1846) poet, public benefactor and military figure. In his time he brought the high-quality Georgian wine to the European market.

This dry red wine is dedicated to Prince Alexander Chavchavadze's daughter, Sophia Baroness Nicolay

Grape Aleksandrouli and Mujuretuli

Year 2018

Origin East Georgia, Kakheti

Vineyard Tsinandali Estate

Harvest Details The grapes are picked by hand.

Production method The wine is fermented in stainless steel barrels.

Taste Delicious red wine. A fruit bomb with a wood touch. Red currant, cherry, red pepper, blueberry, rich and broad. Smooth in the mouth. Nice balance between the ubiquitous fruit, the spicy tannins and a lot of elegance. A candy wine.

To serve 12-16°C

Alcohol 15 % vol