Ojaleshi (EN)


This crimson wine is a amphorae wine from the region of Samegrelo, West Georgia

Grape (local almost extinct grape variety) Ojaleshi

Year 2017

Origin West Georgia, Mukhuri, Mingrelia

Vineyard West Georgia, Winery Obene

Harvest Details The grape is picked manually

Production method Georgian Kakhetic Qvevri technique In this traditional technique, the wine ferments and ages in a large earthenware jug. The Ojaleshi is pressed without bunches of grapes, ferments for 8-9 days with grape seeds. After 8-9 days, the wine is transferred to other qvevris and continues to age without grape seeds. After a month and a half, the wine is again transferred to other qvevris for filtering, where the wine is stored for another 6 months.
Characteristic of the Obene vineyard is that the Qvevris are buried in the ground outside. There is a tree next to the Qvevri, which provides shade.

Taste Rosemary, Lavender, berries and spicy aromas. Drink this wine with poultry, veal, lamb, young cheese and pasta.

Alcohol 12.5% ​​vol

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