Danieli Kisi Qvevri (EN)


Danieli Kisi is an orange or amber-colored wine. The Kisi grapes from this wine come from one of the main microzones of Argokhy in western Kacheti, East Georgia. The fermentation of the wine takes place in the Qvevri. The wine stays in a Qvevri for 6 months.

Grape Kisi

Vintage 2017

Origin East Georgia, Kakheti, Akhmeta, Magraani, Argokhy microzone

Vineyard Danieli Winery Ltd.

Harvest Details The Kisi grape is picked by hand.

Production method Georgian Kakhetic Qvevri technique. With this traditional technique, the wine fermentes and ages in a large earthenware vessel, the Qvevri, which is placed entirely underground. The pressed grapes go into the Qvevri with stalks, seeds and skins. The fermentation process takes about 2 weeks, during which the wine is stirred manually three times a day. This wine will then remain in the Qvevri for aging for another 6 months.

Taste Aromas of honey, dried apricot, pear and notes of vanilla. The taste has a pleasant balance of tannins, honey and dried fruits. This wine is delicious with veal and chicken dishes and also with shusi. Serve the wine immediately after opening at a temperature of 10-14ºC.

Alcohol 12% vol