Tamaris Vazi (King Tamar’s Wine) (EN)



Are you looking for a very special wine, then this glorious, fresh Tamaris Vazi is more than worth a try. According to legend, this was the favorite wine of Queen Tamar, who ruled the country in the Georgian Golden Age (1100-1245).

Grape Tamaris Vazi

Year 2018

Vineyard Natenadze Wines, Samtskhe-Javakheti, South Georgia.

Harvest Details This Wine is made from the wild Tamaris Vazi grape. The grape vines are ancient (100-400 years) and grow in the forests of the volcanic mountain region (at an altitude of 1000-1650 m.) in southern Georgia. The grapes are harvested manually.

Production method This wine is made without added wine yeasts. The fementation took place in a Qvevri. After 6 months, the wine was transferred to stainless steel barrels. The wine is filtered naturally.

Taste The aroma of this wine is refined, elegant and complex. Scents of red currant, pomegranate, a touch of leather and petrichor, the scent of rain that falls on dry earth. The taste is soft, spicy and round with elegant acidity. The aftertaste is long and delicious.