Tchrebalo Alexandrouli (EN)

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Aleksadrouli is a wine with a dark ruby red color. The wine is full of soft notes of strawberry, raspberry and wild berries. The long pleasant aftertaste and the harmonious, sharp bouquet make its taste unforgettable. The wine is made from the Aleksandrouli and Mujuretuli grape, picked in the micro zone Khvanchkara on the right side of the Rioni river. Let this wine rest for a few years and it will get much better.

Grape 60% Aleksandouli and 40% Mujuretuli

Vintage 2017

Origine West Georgië, microzone Khvanchkara

Vineyard West Georgië, Tchrebalo wine cellar

Harvest Details The grapes are picked by hand.

Production method The Aleksandrouli is produced in a "European" way.

Taste Alexandrouli is a very rich wine with aromas of wild strawberries, raspberry, wild berries, red plums, spicy thyme and tarragon and notes of vanilla. You taste young tannines, the wine will become even richer over the years. This Aleksandrouli is very suitable for drinking with red meat and Mediterranean dishes. paté, foie gras, cheese, tuna dishes, chocolate and salads.
Serve the wine at a temperature of 8-10ºC.

Alcohol 14 % vol
, Suigar 5.84 g/l