Winiveria Saperavi (EN)


This wine is from grapes of the Saperavi variety. Striking with this wine is its pleasant combination of ruby hues and shades of ripe cherry and raisins. This wine is bottled without further processing or filtering.

Variety Saperavi

Vintage 2015

Origin East Georgia, Kacheti, Telavi

Vineyard East Georgia, Winiveria domain

Harvest Details The Saperavi grape is picked by hand.

Production method Georgian Kakhetic Qvevri technique. In this traditional technique, the wine ferments and ages in a large earthenware vessel, the Qvevri, which is entirely buried in soil. The pressed grapes go with stalks, seeds and skin in the Qvevri. The fermentation process takes about 2 weeks, during which the wine is stirred manually three times a day. Afterwards, the wine will remain in the Qvevri after which it will be moved to oak barrels for further aging. The wine is not filtered. 

Taste Aromas of black cherries, currants, vanilla and fused tannins. The Winiveria Mukuzani is delicious with a barbecue or roast, red meat or with wild poultry such as duck.

Alcohol 12.5% vol